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20 Remarkable Persuasive Speech Topics & Writing Hacks | 2021 Guide

Convincing others for something specific is always a tough call for everybody and requires the right techniques to be applied at the right time. You need to be extremely careful when you are going to change someone’s perspective about a certain point of view. Speech is ranked as one of the popular mediums to successfully persuade others. 

Persuasive speech is a common form of speech and you need to have a proper understanding of this type of speech before you are able to successfully craft a remarkable one for yourself. In this regard, you have a good option in the form of professional writing services who can assign you an Essay Writing Service, help you around with your speech for a price that’s lesser than ice cream. 

Once you go through their sample work, you will come to know about the importance of selecting a good topic for your persuasive speech. Go through the following list of different persuasive speech topics to see how this information can further guide you to narrow the focus of your speech. Let’s take a glimpse of some of these remarkable persuasive speech topics I’ve collected and see which one is right for you.

  1. Adopting dogs as pets is a good decision. 
  2. What is the appropriate driving age and why?
  3. Texting during driving is a great danger. 
  4. Why Japanese cars are so good?
  5. Driving tests should be free of cost.
  6. A good advertisement is a result of mind games. 
  7. Introverts can be good leaders.
  8. Establishing the difference between personal and professional life is important.
  9. Family business limits your chances of growth. 
  10. Discipline is key to be a successful entrepreneur. 
  11. The personality of leaders has a great impact on followership. 
  12. Alcohol should be illegal. 
  13. Eating less fast food is important to Essay Writer the issue of obesity. 
  14. The role of globalization to overcome the problem of world hunger. 
  15. Promote local products to boost the country’s economy.
  16. The amount of minimum wage needs to be increased. 
  17. Who should be blamed for the issue of rising energy prices? 
  18. The impact of the free college tuition fee. 
  19. The importance of establishing art and music programs in schools.
  20. Environmental sustainability is crucial to saving this world. 

After having gone through these topics, the next step for you is to pay close attention to some essential writing hacks and shortcuts you can use for this type of speech. You need to learn some basic tricks to become more convincing during your persuasive speech.

 First of all, it is integral to explicitly demonstrate your main point. As a presenter of your idea, you should come up with an interesting narrative to base your thoughts on throughout your speech. Your success as the presenter solely relies on the fact that readers must understand the intent of your argument. 

Second is the inclusion of a thesis statement, which is absolutely necessary while writing a persuasive speech. It is a mandatory approach not just for your speech but any form of writing to increase your chances of success. The integration of a strong thesis statement serves as the baseline is helpful to establish the entire argument of the speech. 

Additionally, it is imperative to apprehend that every piece of writing is associated with a range of a specific Write my essay. You should consider this aspect even before you start to write content for your persuasive speech. It is critical to know for whom you are going to present. 

Finally, conducting thorough research about the topic is also an essential condition to meet the standards of writing a persuasive speech. If you are not completely clear about your argument, there is no point to bore the audience with your speech. Take professional help if you must, but make sure you do your research before standing in front of an audience.