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The 5 Most Common Writing Mistakes You Should Avoid

Students write countless essays over their academic years. These essays advance in their difficulty with the grades, such that by the time the students enter colleges, they are expected to write advanced academic essays that exhibit unique ideas and theories and are supported by scholarly evidence. The demanding essays require the writer to optimize each stage of the essay process.

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Many students lag behind as they follow an unchanged essay process and don’t get out of their comfort level. These writers might later give out, “help write an analytical essay example for me,” once they get stuck in a cycle of writing mediocre essays, due to their unpolished essay writing skills and essay writing process. 

At times it’s helpful to tell these writers what not to do instead of what to do to help them improve in their essays. Here are several things that the essay writer should avoid doing.

Reviewing and Editing right after the final draft

Once you have followed the outline for your essay following the post writing process, you will be able to come up with the various drafts. The drafts develop in an iterative method as the writer expands the points and ideas in the outline and fills them with necessary information. Over the several iterations the layers will be fitted upon one another and the draft will be complete.

At this stage, many writers, whether due to impatience or a lack of time, tend to dive into the reviewing and editing process straight after. One shouldn’t do this: the review and editing should follow after a break from the essay. So the writer can get familiarized with the essay content, and thus be in a better position to catch the errors and look for improvements. 

Make sure of this by scheduling the essay beforehand to allow for breaks following the final essay draft.

Sticking to one database or library

It is beneficial to become an expert in research using the searching techniques specific to one database, as it allows you to get to the information faster and helps you narrow down your target papers quickly. This also provides you with the momentum that you need at the start of the long research process.

However, this single database can only provide you some of the information. Relying heavily on the information will narrow the scope of your essay. Thus, it is advised that you start to get expertise in researching through other databases so that you can broaden your researched information about the topic.

Editing while writing

One of the worst mistakes that writers can make is trying to correct their writing in the first go, as they start their essay writing after the post-writing processes. Following this procedure corrects the writing on the sentence level. On the paragraph level, however, the writer is blind to the irregularities in the structure, style, logic, and uniformity. 

Getting the writing perfect the first time wastes the essay writers’ time and energy, as many mistakes both large and small, slip past the writer’s eye.

Referencing manually

Many people who keep track of the references on their own, manually, are always overworked as they have to make sure that they don’t mix up the references. By using reference management software you can free yourself from this tasking job and concentrate on your writing and editing more. You should always choose the best persuasive essay examples that guarantee quality essay work.

Ignoring the essay feedback

Working on feedback is one of the best ways to improve your writing. Yet there are many who ignore the feedback in their writing, either out of apathy or due to a weak appetite for negative criticism. You shouldn’t not only note down the errors you have made but also should discuss with your teacher on how to improve them so that you can improve them in the next es



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