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Disadvantages of using Wikipedia in your Essays | 2021 Guide

Wikipedia is the largest online information database. It is mainly used by the students to get information for their assignments and other academic work. However, it is not considered as an authentic or reliable source in the academic world.

Many writing companies also provide services through a professional Essay Writing Service. They also have an idea that they cannot add Wikipedia as a reference source in their paper.

However, many people often get confused with this concept of not using it. This article mentions several disadvantages of using Wikipedia in your essays.

Explanatory Thesis Statement 

An explanatory thesis statement works by comparing the two subjects unbiasedly. You do not pick a side and just state the differences. These kinds of thesis statements are used in expository essays and research papers. 

The comparison points made should not be obvious and should hit like a surprise to your readers. The goal is to enlighten the reader with something that he knew not. It is obvious that cats and dogs are different from each other, but what will amuse your reader will be when you state the similarities. 

Unauthentic Data

It is stated on the official website of the Wikipedia that the given data is not authentic and credible. Instead, they only portray themselves as a fact collector and not a reliable source of information.

In order to choose the right thesis statement for your compare and contrast essay, it is important to know the subject of your essay. Whether an essay should be written with an explanatory thesis or evaluative it is your call to make for your Write My Paper.

Anyone Can Edit

Unlike any reliable website, Wikipedia has an option for editing. It means that anyone can edit the information without any proper knowledge. People can also delete, modify or add any false data according to their interest, Moreover, the changes will also not even get noticed by the official site reviewers. Therefore, one cannot be sure about the given piece of content.

No Information About the Author

Similarly, Wikipedia also do not mention any information about the author or other contributors. However, a writer needs an author’s name and other credentials for proper referencing or citation. Moreover, it is also essential for readers to know that if the author is reputable or not.

The Editors and Reviewers Are Not Active

The staff editors and reviewers at Wikipedia are insufficiently active. There are a number of cases when false information is being provided by any editor that went unnoticed for a long period of time.

Above mentioned are some disadvantages of referring to Wikipedia in your essays or Paper Writing Service. Though, it is a good source to get general information but can not be added to citation and references.