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Outstanding Literary Analysis Essay Topics For ESL Students | 2021 Guide

An essay writer might be accustomed to reading stories, poetry, and other pieces of work. When reading, sometimes you feel so engrossed in the elements that it feels as if everything is put in the text with some meaning. What you are doing is analyzing the text. You must be familiar with the tone, strategies, and setting that has been used to depict the entire tale. So if you are about to write a literary analysis, here is some inspiration for you.


  • The role of Sherlock Holmes’ personality in the way he investigates the crime.
  • Nature and nurture in The Frankenstein
  • Similarities between the tragedies in Shakespeare’s plays
  • The role of setting in “Hills Like White Elephants”
  • The purpose behind decision making in “Of Mice and Men”
  • The contrast between the two sisters in “Everyday Use”
  • How were Victor and Frankenstein's monsters both rather similar?
  • How anti-racism is shown in “To Kill a Mockingbird”
  • Examine the personality of the grandmother and how her actions unfold her dark side in “A Good Man is Hard to Find”.
  • Was grandmother really the actual villain in “A Good Man is Hard to Find’?
  • Examine the role of tradition in “Everyday Use”.
  • What relation does the story “Girl” have with modern society?
  • What image does “Hills Like White Elephants” portray regarding genders?
  • Signify the value of traditions in “The Lottery”.
  • What significance does the surrounding hold in the story “The Lottery”
  • Elaborate on the theme of “The Story of an Hour”. How does it hold in modern society?

When writing a literary analysis, you must be aware of what is being asked in the question before beginning your research. Literary analysis write my paper topics just serve as a guide but the actual story begins beyond that. You must have full command over the text before you could begin to write even a single word. Help can be acquired from expert writers as they are specialists in the field. 

Here are a few guidelines for you before you start writing your literary analysis.

  1. A literary analysis could be about a setting, theme, or character. You must look at the reading from that particular aspect and there might be subtle elements that you would have to decipher in order to succeed.
  2. Read the text a few times and then begin to relate how the elements come together with the topic at hand. Taking the example of the short story “Girl”, how would you describe the character of the girl. The funny thing here is that the girl does not even say anything significant but still one can find out what might be the whole background.
  3. Find out subtle symbols and how these reflect in the whole story. There is a chance that you might be asked about the scenery and how that reflects the whole mood of the story. As an example, when the Frankenstein monster was being created, was the weather bright and sunny, or was it raining and stormy? Storm and rain might be symbols of gloom while thunder could be representing some disaster coming.
  4. Once you think you have found the link of the story to the actual topic, then you may begin to write what you think could be the best depiction of the provided promptly.
  5. Rules are simple for any paper writing service and you must follow these. Have a strong thesis that provides your claims and viewpoints and then begin to explain it thoroughly throughout the essay. 
  6. Do not distract the reader with unnecessary information that might have no link to the actual story or the topic. You might be talking about Sherlock so do not bring in Dr. Watson unless asked.