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Tips to Avoid Grammar Errors in Essays - Guide

Importance of correct grammar in an essay?

Grammar helps in forming the structure of the words and how they can be arranged to make appropriate sentences. Students from early ages are told to use correct grammar in their academic tasks to earn higher grades. It is important to use appropriate grammar in your essays or other documents to ensure that the reader understands your point. Eight basic building blocks of grammar are used in different types of documents such as essays so that the essay writer can convey their message to the reader. These building blocks include verbs, nouns, adjectives, adverbs, conjunctions, prepositions, pronouns, and interjections. The common grammar mistakes which students and other writers make include using any of these basic building blocks inappropriately.

Common questions regarding the use of the words:


The effect is used as a verb mostly and the effect is used as a noun. An example will clear the write my paper questions in your mind. The rain affected him and the effect of the rain were startling. The sentence shows that each of these words needs to be used according to the situation.

Alot/A lot

This is one of the most common mistakes made by students and other writers. “A lot” is two words and each of them has to be written separately. Using a lot as one word means a parcel.


When using a lie as a word in a sentence the paper writing service writer means keeping something horizontally on the surface. For example, you should lie down on the floor. The subjects lie down whereas the objects are laid down. Lay on the other hand is mostly used as a verb.

Tips to avoid common grammar mistakes:

Don’t rely on spelling and grammar check

Many things have been made easier due to modern technology. The use of spelling and grammar check has eliminated the idea of rechecking the work. These spelling and grammar checks do not catch everything and most of the times the mistakes are left as it is which makes things even worse for the writer. The writers should avoid using these spell and grammar checks especially the one present in Microsoft word as it is useless!

Get a proofreader to check your work before submitting

All the writers need to get their work checked by someone they trust before submitting it. It is also necessary to choose someone who has good knowledge of grammar and spellings so that they can easily point out the mistakes. This proofreading is far better than using software to correct your mistakes.

Avoid proofreading yourself immediately after completing your work

Proofreading your work right after finishing it is a wrong move. Once you have finished your work you either wait to get fresh again or get it checked by someone else. Since the writer is so familiar with their work that they won’t be able to catch the mistakes as they are reading the paper as a memory. Whenever I write my essay, my first priority is to get it checked by someone else or if I have to check it myself, I do it after taking a good long break. 

The Use of dictionary

The easiest way to avoid grammar mistakes in your essay is to use a dictionary while writing. It helps you choose the right words which are appropriate according to the sentence structure. It also allows you to know the meaning of the word and then it is easier for the essay writing service writer to use it in the essay. The use of a dictionary is extremely important when writing an Argumentative essay and classification essay because these documents require specific words that are necessary to grab the attention of the reader.

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